Friday, November 18, 2011

Product 46: Low Country Luxe Beau Candle

Schiller’s got in Low Country Luxe Candles for the holidays. The aromas were so to die for that I had to treat myself to one of these candles if only to change up my sense of hygge. I settled on treating myself to Beau and I am in love.

Low Country Luxe create great candles that really embody the traditions of the South. Many of the candles are wrapped in a linen fabric that keeps your candle safe from the air when you aren’t using it. Plus the names of the scents take on that creole flavor.

While I love all the scents, Beau was the most intriquing to me. It has a combination of tobacco flower, bergamot, lemon and juniper berries. I literally never smelt anything quite like it. It is both soft and delicate while at the same time woody and exotic. I’ve been teasing some of friends who smoke that their bad habits helped to entice me to this candle but in all honesty, I probably would have been drawn to the candle due to its juniper berries and lemon flavors that work in conjunction with a woody scent. It’s not too sweet, woody or any one note flavor.

The candle itself burns wonderfully and the scent lingers for hours even after blowing out the candle. I love how the candle aroma lingers in the air. It’s not overwhelming to the nose but gives the impression of a lived in home that is comforting. This is the perfect candle for creating hygge (ie the Danish word for the comforting live-in feeling that is inviting). 

While Schiller’s has so many beautiful new gifting ideas, this is definitely one of my favorite new items in stock. It’s sophisticated, different and wonderful yet inviting and simple. 

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