Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book 37: Bullet (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter)

Bullet is the nineteen book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. Hamilton. I know I skipped books in the series, but this book seems so disconnected from the early books in the series. It was one of the few times I was really disappointed in an author.

I loved the original books in the Anita Blake series (Guilty Pleasures and Circus of the Damned). Anita is an amazingly strong protagonist who also had a soft spot. I wanted to be like her.  Those early books made me want to gobble up any of the Anita Blake books despite the order. Hence skipping from book 3 to book 19. I just wanted more of the strong female character.

Then I started Bullet. First chapter great. There were some references I didnt fully get, but that was easily chalked up to me jumping ahead in the series. I was reading this in the hotel lobby at a Star Trek convention and was just so absorbed in the book. So much so that a guy wanted to take my photo of reading this book (and leaving me with a bit of a mystery and missed connection).  Then the book started to get weird. 

I didnt read the reviews to the book on Amazon or GoodReads.com until after finishing this book. I didnt want someone else to color my perception of the book. Since then I realized that many people are like me, they hate the direction the series went in.

My beloved series was replaced from being a fun action driven series filled with magic and dark forces to one I barely recognized. Now the book was more about sex and fights rather then about a strong action driven plot that showed complete characters.  

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be asking how many orgies can there be in one book? I understand some of the sex was about both control of different wereanimals and power in general. But it felt superficial and really some of the scenes I would have liked to cut all together. It felt like that Laurell K Hamilton just phoned it in and gave a very narrow perception of the paranormal world (which has really split the readership completely if you read the reviews).

I wished there was better flow to the book. More thought to what was actually playing out. In many ways, the book felt like a filler book in a series that fluffed out by a few extra in-fights and a few extra trips to the ardeur. The book did have a couple big revelations: Marmee Noir wasn’t dead, the Council was possessed, they needed to find a new way to stop her since destroying her body wasn’t enough, gold weretigers still exist and that the blood like of the L’amour Morte was going to start going crazy and attack cities. This is a lot of stuff to go down. But almost all of this was filled out through sex and then there was fights fueled by sex too. In the end it just felt gratituditious. Sure a trip to the ardeur was good and very useful to move the plot but over half the sex felt silly. Same thing with half the fights in the book. 

In the end I wanted better book. One that was tightly honed where things didn’t feel silly or too much. Even some of the descriptions had me going really? I wanted it to be edited better. Not make it feel like a fluff book that was to just set up the real action in the next book.

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