Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book 14: Left Hand Magic

Left Hang Magic by Nancy A. Collins is the latest book Golgotham series. It was a fun book but I think it may have failed to fully capture the spirit of Right Hand Magic.

I adored Right Hand Magic. It has a spark that I enjoyed. Plus I was fully captured by Golgotham, this supernatural enclave within New York City. It was fun to see a human get her introduction to a world that was mostly unknown to her. It had great characters, great setting and a great mix of history and location.

Left Hand Magic picks up from where Right Hand Magic left off. Tate and Hexe are happy together and Golgotham is becoming less off limits by humans of New York City much to the chagrin of the native population. Things start getting very tense between the humans and Golgathamites including attacks on other races.

I enjoyed the book. It reminded me of the reasons I loved in the first book. Plus this book did a nice job of reminding the reader the major events that happened in the first book. The characters were really strong. You got to see more of Hexe’s family which was nice and fun.

The biggest problem was about 1/3 the way in, I started to get a sneaking suspicion of the end. That feeling continue to nag me just like a smoker craves a cigarette during a long day. A hundred fifty pages later, I saw that my suspicions were dead on and that disappointed me. I was hoping that there would a twist to come or for something to surprise me.

In the end, Left Hand Magic was like a movie sequel. It could capture part of the magic of the first part but then there was something missing. For me it was plot twists.

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