Friday, February 1, 2013

Book 5: Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster was a book that I read at the recommendation of a co-worker. Both of us like to read and will swap out reads all the time. 

Abby Abernathy was a classic good girl with a few secrets from her past. Her best friend America helps Abby to get more out of the college experience by bringing her to a fight club event. Shepley, America’s boyfriend, was there to help support his cousin, Travis.  Abby surprised Travis at the fight club event and he’s trying to get in her pants. Abby really isn’t sure about him especially since Travis doesn’t sleep with anyone more than twice.  But he was persistent and tricked her into a bet where she had to live at the apartment that was being shared with Shep, America and Travis.  Abby tried to move on from the idea of Travis since that was a heart break waiting to happen. But Travis makes it difficult since he would intimidate any guy who came around. The story gets really crazy as it goes on. The things in Abby’s past are not what you think. Then the ending, oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe it. It was insane. 

But the craziness makes the book fun. I was texting my coworker at different points. I hadn’t had that much fun since I read the Hunger games with Susan.

I will be honest, I actually didn’t really care for Abby. She was a bit of a brat at times.  Travis was loose cannon. A honed fighter.  But at least underneath he was actually a teddy bear. I found myself cheering for Travis more and more even though I wasn’t sold on Abby.

Every once in a while an author will include in a great side character to help with backstory that is just magnificent. This happened in Beautiful Disaster. Travis’ dad was so cute and relatable. I loved how he was sweet to Abby and ready to back hand his boys if needed. I really wasn’t expecting him to be so rich for a cameo part.

I personally can’t wait for Jamie Maguire’s next book in the series Walking Disaster. While I won’t be thrown many curve balls in that story since it’s supposed to be relatively the same story as Beautiful Disaster from Travis’ point of view.  I can’t wait to see what he sees in Abby and how he handled the Parker situation. 

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