Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book 24: The Reckoning

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong was the last piece in the Darkest Power Series. Well by the looks out of the Kelley Armstrong site there is another piece to the series even though the saga I just read is over. I really enjoyed this book. I read it in about a 24 hour span thanks to some insombia and just a great read all in all.

I loved the continuation of the saga from the Awakening. It just grabs you. So much action that grips you. But it’s not soap operaish- it has some self-deprecation to Chloe’s narrative and the fact they were in this Victorian for the better part of the book. It’s not so over the top in drama.

I loved how almost all the loose ends are tied up from the Awakening. The developing love triangle is squashed and you see the start of a deep relationship. You see character growth from Tori who was one of the weaker characters from the first book (at least of the ones I read).

So now I’m glad that I finished up a nice little dip into the occult section. I still love the balance of different magics: necromancer (or how the ghost said in her day they were mediums which is a much kinder way to say it), witches/sorcerers, and of course one of my favorite’s werewolves.

The only thing I'm still wanting to learn more is about Chloe's necklace. You see it's the importance of this necklace even more then in the first book. Then Margaret gives you a teaser about the necklace that it could mean something but she dismissed it as crazy talk and only a superstitious trinket. Yet you see it's more then a trinket. I want to know the mysterious idea about what happens when it changes color like Chloe's did.

I’m glad I’m reading some Kelley Armstrong again. It makes my desire to read my other favorite occult author even stronger.

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