Sunday, April 17, 2011

Product 21: Habersham Naturals Solid Solution

This is one of the coolest new products we got in at Schillers. It’s a solid moisturizer for the skin. It’s so cool. It just melts into your skin just by having contact.

It also is one of the hardest products to sell. It’s not a product people readily see. They see the little sample rosettes, they think it’s soap that they can sniff. But as soon as they rub it on their skin, then the product sells itself.

There are four different solid solutions options: pink grapefruit patchouli, sage, lavendar chamomile, and unscented. I like all the scents to be honest. Although my favorite is either the pink grapefruit (the patchouli scent is very very subtle) or the sage one. Both are so nice yet very different scent profiles.

The feel of the moisturizer is so nice. It's something that just went into the skin well but it never feels too heavy. It was simply feels good and it will just stay on the skin for a bit.

Plus one of the things I love (which I seldomly comment on), the packaging. It's simplistic but pretty. There's nothing to it but yet I love the streamline way it holds the lotion block. I don't have to gift wrap it really, I can just leave it as it is and put it into a package.

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