Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book 102: Serpent's Storm

                Serpent’s Storm by Amber Benson was a huge disappointment.  I wanted a great light story with strong characters, action and a good dose of fun. Unfortunately the book was a wee bit schizophrenic.
                I will have to say it’s interesting that Amber Benson is known for her role of Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There have been more and more crossovers of actresses/actors that I like working with the fiction genres that I like. I’ve been tempted to read some of them more but I have always kind of wondered if it’s worth my time.
                Quite frankly I hated the book.  This book was basically schizophrenic. Callie Reaper-Jones went from tough chick to lover to unsure girl in a matter of a page. She was just all over the map. So it made it hard to read since it was just always jolting back and forth.
                Then there is a problem on parts of the concept. I struggle to accept when writers decide to merge gods and immorality with heaven and the God. There has to be a good explanation as to why God made the universe but there is a Hindu gods around and why there is Death Inc. Now this book was the third book in a series so maybe it was better explained earlier, but in this book it wasn’t.  Plus I also had issue that Kali spoke more like a ghetto black girl then an Indian goddess. So that kept taking me out of the book whenever Callie was called “White Girl”

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