Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book 104: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Secret Diary of a Call Girl by Belle du Jour or Anonymous (like in my edition) is a great little read. It’s something that is incredibly naughty yet so fascinating. It’s a witty look at what it’s like to be a call girl in London.

I’ve been waiting to read this book for a while basically since the TV show first debuted.  If you haven’t realized it, most of Showtime and HBO’s programming comes from books and this book was the starting of the show.  Secret Diary of a Call Girl (the TV show) caught my attention due to the title (titillating) and the casting. Billie Piper was my favorite assistant from Doctor Who and I wanted to see if she could really act and Belle was as far as you could get from Rose Tyler.  But after watching a couple of episodes I knew I had to read the book that inspired it all.

Waiting did not disappoint. In fact it probably made it better. If I would have read it back then, I may not even know what I would have gotten myself into. The book was rather detailed. I’m shy and know next to nothing about sex so this book was insightful. Filled in the gaps even cable TV couldn’t fill in.

I loved the structure the book. It started off each chapter with a list of things (alphabetically) about London sex work. Then each day could be any sort of thing which could be an anecdote, a day in the life,  a list of things like Love: A Spotter’s Guide and even just the ins and outs of being a call girl.   One of the things I really never expected was how much of the show would lift things straight from the book and in about the same order.

It was such a delightful book although there were several points where I went ‘you can do that?’ or ‘oh that sounds like fun’ and ‘maybe this wasn’t the best book to bring as my lunch reading material’.  But I’m glad that I read it. I immediately wishlisted the other books by Belle du Jour and debating which books will be making it to my library eventually. Nothing can speak higher volumes then enjoying the book so much that you want more books by the same author.

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