Friday, December 23, 2011

Book 103: Blood Bound

  Blood Bound by: Patricia Briggs was enjoyable despite the slow start but it turned into a real page turner by the end of the book. It was a fun read that was did exactly what I wanted: be an easy read that indulged the werewolf lover in me.

          Blood Bound is the second book in the Mercy/Mercedes Thompson series.  To sum up the series it’s about Mercy who is a walker (can transform into a coyote at will) raised by werewolves and the difficulties that she runs into. It’s fun since she’s kinda a pack member after Adam (the alpha werewolf/next door neighbor) but also a complete outsider. It’s a nice blend of being in the know but not knowing too much.

          This book had a lot of set up in it but it needed that set up. Can’t just throw in a sorcerer (a person of magical proclivities who makes a bond with a demon-which is a new take for me on that term) vampire into the genre without any explanation of why on earth that was bad for the whole Tri-cities area. Not just the vampires or the werewolves of the town.

          Then once the book got going, it was so good. Very action packed. Loved it. Plus I love how there was a bit of a false ending to the book. Then the actual ending creates that yearning to see what happens next in the series.

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