Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So in the past year, I got pretty careless about the product side of my blog. I was doing it, I swear. But either between only having a sample size of a product and couldn’t form a real feel of a product, corporate limitations, and just sheer couldn’t remember if I put it up. So I’m going to do a quick summary or at least list several of the products I did try in the course of the year.
·         Soma Vanishing Edge Panties
·         Soma Velvet Hand Crème
·         Goody Betsy Bobby Slides: a good way to pin back my hair without using anything too damaging.  Something that’s fun without the being a cliché bobby pin.
·         Avon Natural Body Wash: a pretty good body wash. Loved the way it smelled but with as much added fragrance as it had, it should have been wonderfully smelling. I will have to applaud how it didn’t smell synthetic.
·         Carmex Lip Balm: A good lip balm. In fact one of my favorites after Yube.
·         Smart Ones Steamfresh meals: The first one was the most satisfying (chicken alfredo) but only okay. Not a great instant meal
·         Burberry Body: Love love this fragrance. It’s wonderful. So light and sheer with just a hint of the classic Burberry woodiness. Something you can wear everyday or for more fancy occasions.
·         Burberry Brit Sheer: A wonderful light spray. Perfer it over the regular brit since it has a light lemon smell underneath.
·         Ulta Anti-bacterial Simply Clean Hand Sanitizer: A good deep cleansing gel. Something I like in those quick fixes to clean the hands

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