Monday, January 16, 2012

Book 6 and 7: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures Vol 1 and 2

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures Volume one and two by Laurell K. Hamilton and adaptation from Stacie Ritchie (issues 1-5 and 7-12), Jess Ruffner-Booth (issue 6) illustrated by Ron Lim and Brett Booth. It was a great series that lived up to the name and the idea that it would make for a perfect gift. It was a guilty pleasure that had amazing art and plot.

These two books were a Christmas gift from Miriam. She’s one of the few people who know how much I love graphic novels, books in general, and stories about vampires/vampire hunters. We indulge in the same guilty pleasures so when she saw these two books, it instantly became my Christmas gift for the year. Which I’m super grateful for. So a huge thank you to Miriam first and foremost.

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures is taken from the Laurell K. Hamilton series with the same name (although I do believe the twelve part series was actually drawn from one book). Anita Blake is both an animator (someone who can reanimate the dead) and a legalized vampire killer. She gets her arm twisted to help the local vampire population who were being mysteriously killed off.  Along the way she takes on the first mark from Jean-Claude, a master vampire. He gives her many gifts that she doesn’t fully understand. Along the way there even more twists and turns.

I really liked this series. It was great.  The art to it was amazing. It was realistic (so much so that there were-rats actually intruded upon my dreams). Plus there are just fun little touches to the art like in the variant to the first chapter or the way she sleeps. It adds so much depth to the story.  When it comes to graphic novels, the artwork is so important and this hit the mark perfectly.

I really enjoyed these two books. I really liked this series. It made me not only want to read the original book, I want to read more of the graphic novels. It was just a ton of fun. It was the perfect guilty pleasure from me.

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