Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book 1: Cry Wolf

            A new year and new set of books to read. So New Years Day it was a lot of fun to spend a quiet day with an old friend and yet I could really dive into a couple books while he played video games.  The first book was the last seventy pages of last years book: Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs.
I’m slowly working through the book pile from Miriam while also starting to dive into my Christmas books. I picked up Cry Wolf for more light reading. I enjoyed the two Mercy Thompson books from Patricia Briggs so the Alpha and Omega series sounded like fun.
The Alpha and Omega series launches off from the Mercy Thompson book. It uses the Montana werewolves and Samuel’s brother Charles. He brings his new mate and an Omega wolf (a wolf who isn’t submissive or dominate but rather a wolf who can produce a calming effect) into town. Before they could really get settled down they have to deal with a rogue wolf in the forest. In the process they learn the problem is a bit more complicated then an out of control werewolf that could blow the plans to slowly release the existence of werewolves to the world, they would have to deal with a very powerful witch.
I really enjoyed this book.  But I’m not sure I like the heroine. She’s a bit of a mix bag for me. I would like to see her develop in the future Alpha and Omega series. But I loved the development of Bran (the Marrok and the father of Samuel & Charles) and the other boys.  It felt so rich to see some of their history come out.  I also really loved the side character Sage. She just seemed sweet and could be a good companion to Anna.
I liked this book. I will admit I disappointed myself when I didn’t finish this book last year. But it seems right that I will begin my year with one of the year with a guilty pleasure book involving either Carrie Vaughn or Patricia Briggs.

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