Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book 5: Confessions of a Working Girl

Confessions of a Working Girl by Miss S was a very interesting read although at times a wee bit off putting. Like the Secret Diary of a Call Girl it’s a memoir from an English sex worker. I learned a lot from the book.

Confessions of a Working Girl was a book that came up on my amazon recommendations when I picked up one of Belle Du Jour’s books using up an gift card from there. I will say this was an excellent read and I’m glad it was my add-on to that purchase.

Miss S was a student in need of some extra cash and decided that the brothel down the road from her was a good way to earn it.  The book goes through her first year as a working girl at the massage house.

The book is not for the timid reader and can be vastly educational. I learned more things then I would have ever imagined. Now some of the anecdotes and stories, I didn’t really need to know about in a way other then it just showed how some sexual acts are just plain disgusting or just not my thing.  But most of the anecdotes/stories relayed really did show how people have many different ways to get aroused.

I will note that this is the second book that talked about the sex industry in Britian and how both of the girls were very educated. It wasn’t the stereotypical hooker story where they are on drugs. Instead again it was an articulate story about how the money was good and they enjoyed having sex.  Plus they were very safe about it. Well as safe as you can be by always using a condom and getting regular doctors visits.

I will say I think part of me enjoyed Confessions of a Working Girl then the Secret Diary of a Call Girl since I learned more about the actual acts of sex and she talked about her johns a little bit more even though I find myself relating more to Belle du Jour. But I’m glad that Amazon tricked me into getting this book.

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