Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book 21: Left Hand of Destiny Book Two

The Left Hand of Destiny Book Two by JG Hertzler and Jeffrey Lang was a bit of let down in my eyes. It was a good book but was lacking a bit.

The Left Hand of Destiny Book One was amazing. I liked it a lot and had high hopes for book two. My hopes may have been too high.

Book Two was started from the viewpoint of Ezri Dax who came to answer the call of help from the House of Martok. The General started to gather the troops so he could attack Gothmara and the usurper. In a planning meeting, Kahless tells them about Gothmara and how she created the Hur’Q by combining ancient DNA with Klingons via a mutagenic virus. Eventually they set apart to gather the pieces before one final battle against Gothmara.

I both liked and hated how JG Herzler used so much of Ezri Dax. It was fun to see her being stronger then what you see in the show and yet not quite as strong as the future captain Dax. It was a progression a maturity that I’ve needed since I’ve been jumping around the Star Trek books (at least in terms of chronology). Yet I hated how much he had of Ezri’s perspective. This was a Klingon book and I wanted more of a Klingon perspective.

The biggest problem with this book is how it left a few holes in the plot. While I understand that Hur’Q were created, it didn’t fully explain how some were stronger and smarter then others. Was it a time factor or was it something else? But the biggest question was and still about the Sword of Kahless. Why do most of the Klingons go nuts with power when they see the sword and how was Martok able to avoid those pitfalls? Also what happened to the Sword after he retook the power? Did they throw in space or are the Klingons okay with the sword being present?

In many ways, this book is like a Hollywood blockbuster sequel. Good but inadequate when you think about what came before.

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