Saturday, March 31, 2012

Book 27: Dancing the Dream: Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation

Dancing the Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation by Jamie Sams is a book about trying to find inner peace and strength in the world by using age old Native American secrets. It’s a book that can be inspiring.  The book was something of a mix bag of tricks.

This book was gifted to me from an old family friend. It was something that reminds me of her and even more the southwest. Plus it seemed like a good idea to read a self help book every once in a while.   I did pick the book a little bit on faith, I just grabbed a book off my To Read shelf at random.  

I will say I think Jamie Sams really found enlightenment. She has found grounding and wisdom through the teachings she’s learned over the years. I don’t doubt her credentials and I like how she used her own foibles.

The book is way too theoretical for me to put into action.  There are times I’m much more of a goal oriented person who need clear plans.   I can’t say I don’t love philosophy because you can’t have a minor in it without enjoying the theoretical ideas.  In all honesty, after reading the book I’m still not sure what all the paths really entail. I get that the important things. But to me, some of the paths are not very different from one another. Also more importantly to a goal oriented person, how can you be able to walk on separate paths while at the same time you need paths 1-4 in order to walk on paths 5 through 7?

But another problem was the writing. It was a bit circular and there were times I had no idea what was being said. I hate having to reread stuff a thousand times. 

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