Monday, April 2, 2012

Products 1-9

So I’ve been bad about putting into words all the new products that I’ve tried this year thus far:
1)      Nivea Cream
Not really impressed by it. It’s only okay as a cream but never felt like it was doing good to my hands. They would still feel dry afterwards

2)      Zoya Nail Polish
Now this is a product that I like. It’s safe nail polish on the scale of chemicals (no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phathalate and champhor).  About a year  and half ago, a co-worker said it wasn’t the best nail polish since it didn’t go on very well. So I held off on getting it. But I found a great deal through a friend’s facebook posting saying that Zoya was offering two free bottles for the price of shipping. That enticed me in.

I was surprised by the wide range of colors. I’ve seen some colors from where I get my hair done.  I found several in the dark purple family that I loved. It was actually hard selecting Sloane and Valerie as my two since there were at least two others I wanted.

The nail polish goes on well, fairly chip resistant and has a sharp color to it.  

3)      Clean and Clear Anti-bacterial Facial Cleanser
I love this cleanser. My friend Miriam reminded me how awesome Clean and Clear can have. Plus I love how this cleanser isn’t salicylic acid as an active ingredient. It was good.

The cleanser was doing good things for my face with daily application.

4)      Eucerin Cream

Now this is an intensive cream that helped to soothe my achy heels. I could rub it into my heels. It really made my feet feel better.  Plus it helped to really soften the skin which is impressive.

5)      Kneipp Arnica bath salts

Soothing on achy muscles but my bath water turned the shade of orange Gatorade. That was a bit weird. The bath salts were good on a sore hip and shoulder and that’s all I really cared about.

6)      EO Warming Bath Salts Hinoki & Ginger

Not my usual scent profile but a really thoughtful gift from my friend Chris. It was nice to have a salt in the tub instead of always using a bubble bath. The scent in the end was deeply relaxing. I would enjoy taking the bath with these salts and really miss them now that the comet cleanser bottler is all gone.

7)      Caren Hand Cream

Seems to soak into my skin really well but after a short while, I crave more lotion. I really like the brown sugar scent. But the bad thing I notice lately since I will subconsciously touch my neck and chin after using the lotion, my acne is really increasing where I touch.   So I know I should lay off the lotion so my skin can be fairly clear especially since if I use any make up, it’s in the eye area only.

8)      TokiDori Eye Shadow
Fun bright colors. Goes on well. Big case, come with a zipper pull that is really fun in their anime style. Given the size of the case, it should have had a mirror. It could have easily been put into the part of the shadow that flips up to reveal the zipper pull.

9)      Two Face Eye Shadow- Smoky Eye Shadow Set
I like this one a lot. It’s a good eyeshadow. Wish it came an applicator brush and possibly a mirror. Love the fact there are how two guides on how to do three different smoky eyes (day, classic, and fashion). So I could really get a good look.

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