Friday, March 16, 2012

Book 24: Sabriel

            Sabriel by Garth Nix was an interesting book that was loaned to me by my good friend M.  It was an intriguing tale that was a nice dip into the fantasy pool while staying safe in the urban occult/fantasy. 
            M totally described the book as being a good mix of fluff and the good meaty stuff you look for in a good book.  I’m glad that she loaned it to me.
            The story was interesting. I liked that a talented young girl named Sabriel decides to leave her boarding school in Ancelstierre to find her father. She learns that she’s the Abhorsen and that title never sat well with her since she thought her father was still alive but trapped in death. Along the way, she finds people who are willing to help her and learns more about the past.
            I loved the tale. It was an interesting journey. It had a retro fantasy vibe but at the same time felt very new. I liked how she was bound by charter magic and yet she was also a necromancer. It was a bit of a twist to see how the necromancers were both revered/feared and bound by rules/free of rules all at the same time.  Plus the rules of magic in this world are more refined from the other books I’ve read using necromancers.  I liked that.
            I did have a problem was the setting. I had a hard time getting a setting in my head and keeping that image. There were times images were crystal clear and then something would throw my image in my head.  Usually it was including an item I wasn’t expecting the idea as a way to help solidify an image. Cause in my mind, there is the Old Kingdom which is ancient, filled with magic and death while Ancelstierre was about 1920s modern with much less magic and death.
            But his is a fun book. I want to see what happens in the rest of the Abhorsen books. Should be interesting.

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