Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book 45: Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy by Rachel Mead was a fun distraction that kept me from getting too jaded with the urban-vampire genre. It was just a lively young adult book that was fun, easy to read and a bit cheesy.

Vampire Academy has been showing up as a recommended read for me for quite a while. So it was easily packed in my bag when I knew I would need a second book for a bus trip to Philly.  Im so glad that my friend Andrea sent this book to me.

But as excited as I was to receive this book, I started to get a bit jaded with the vampire literature lately. It just hasn’t been living up to my expectations. Most books have only been so-so. It seemed like as the genre gets more popular, there is more crap to shift through to find good books. That’s what makes some niche markets great, in order to published, you have to be really good.

This book was a bit of fun. It had action, characters with gray in them, good timing to the lulls, and enough desire to want to continue on in the series.

The crutch of the book is about Rose and Lissa’s stay at St. Vladimir’s Academy. They struggle to get through the clich├ęs while they struggle to learn about themselves. They don’t have it easy at school after they ran away and have punishments and classes to catch up on.  If that wasn’t enough Lissa is starting to get plagued by a prankster who keeps putting dead animals in her room and making her question her overall well being.  It was refreshing and well written and I wanted to read as much as I could.

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