Friday, June 22, 2012

Book 47: Bayou Moon

 Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews was a mixed bag of tricks for me. It had so much potential and yet it had a lot of issues to it. I really wanted to like it but in many ways I couldnt.

So the title grabbed me with this book. It just seemed really interesting. The bayou is already a bit magical and the same thing with the moon. So I thought this book would make for a great magical story. In a way I was disappointed with the how the title tied didnt tie into my hopes.

It was interesting to see how this book was written by husband/wife team. It’s not often you see a collaboration set into one name.  I will have to say because they unified their names, I had high standards for them. I was expecting a clean book. Clean in the sense of cohesion. I will have to say this book was lacking in that category.

My biggest problem with this book was the cohesion and point of view. There would be so many times I wasn’t quite sure which character was speaking or how a person got from point a to point b. It was just choppy. Because it was so choppy and I was constantly trying to find out where I lost an action (and often didn’t find the action I was looking for), I wasn’t hooked into the book.  One of the perfect examples was when William was locked into a bedroom yet is suddenly outside to talk to Lark. Other times it was just confusing to see who was speaking since there would be point of view changes without white space and sometimes mid-sentence.

Another problem for me was vagueness in terms. I never felt like I understood what Flashing was. Same thing with the difference between the Broken, the Weird and the Mire. The fact I can’t place my finger on the key actions, it’s not a good thing. I can’t just picture the book like I wanted.

I wanted this book to be better. It was interesting.  It had some neat things. I liked the use of magic, a werewolf, and the setting.  But the choppiness and vagueness just killed it for me. 

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