Monday, June 25, 2012

Book 48: The Judgment

The Judgment by Beverly Lewis was one of those books that was a nice diversion but will likely be forgotten and I wasnt impressed with.

The Judgment  is book two of the Rose Trilogy. It really takes the story and just picks up where book one left off. Hen is hit by the news that Brandon wants a divorce, andRose is trying to figure out her feelings of the heart.  The book also introduces more of Beth and the idea if a Bishop could lead the flock after all the drama with Nick and Chrstian in the first book.

I will have to say, its an easy read and an fairly enjoyable read. Its just simple. Nothing too fancy.

The biggest problem I have with this book is that it feels like a poorly acted play. The characters just never feel real especially if they are male. It just falls flat and fake. If you are pulled in with the characters, a reader can put aside any bad writing. I did it with Twilight and pre-ordered a couple of the books knowing that it wasn
t well written but I was drawn into the characters. I find myself reading a Beverly Lewis books due to the fact while I hate her characters often, her books are only good enough. Instead I get drawn in for wanting to reconnect with my spirituality and a bit of my past.  

Plus I think she missed a major opportunity in the plot lines. I would have loved for someone to be more present in the Bishop plot line. It was more mentioned off to the side and there is a worry that he might be silenced but neither Rose nor Hen were active in that plot line so it wasnt developed as I would have liked.

This book gave me some pause on what I look for in good books. I wouldnt call this one by any stretch of the means but neither have been the last few books Ive read. They have all had their flaws but I think this book came the closest to being a good book. It just had a feeling of a poorly acted play. The characters over emoted at times and were too 2d in others.

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