Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book 49: The Mercy

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I finished up the Rose Trilogy by Beverly Lewis when I read The Mercy. My thoughts are similar to the past books in this series.

I love how Beverly Lewis will help ignite my spirituality and remind me of the good things of life. But I wish she wrote better.  Her books are only every just okay and in times like this one, I get driven nuts by certain flaws.

I love well developed characters that pull me. There are some really good characters beginnings in this book: Rose, Brandon, Beth and Nick. The problem lies in they only are two dimensional characters and even worse, they are dropped off the book at a whim.  There were so many times where I would like to have liked to have Beth come back into the tale and the same thing with Brandon and even Hen. Everything was just incomplete.

The other problem with The Mercy was the fractured parts. It was as if she was trying to give the reader everything they wanted in both parts yet in the end, I felt hallow by Hen’s change in the second part. She abandoned what was set up in the prior three books and I really liked when they were living in the Dawdi house.  Same thing with all of the relationships that Rose was in, so much so that when book ended, it felt hallow. Nothing felt true.  

This book was better written then the prior book. I didn’t have so many thoughts that this was a badly acted play. Instead it was with no pull and nothing felt true. So there were times I wasn’t reading like I should. Never said, “read, read, read” to one of my friends as I was doing an IM chat and having my nose in a book. I did either one or the other. 

I like how Beverly Lewis helps out my spirituality but they aren't great books. It's just those easy reads which you don't expect too much.

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