Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book 53: Black Bird Volume 4

          Every once in a while, you need to have some fun and read a manga. It’s a great way to unwind and forget about the stress.  Black Bird Volume 4 was my ticket for some relaxation.
          It’s been a while since I read a manga book and I knew that it was a good time to treat myself to some. So when I was at Barnes and Noble with my mom, I called up my sister and had her help look up on the last volume that I read of both Black Bird and Vampire Knight. Since I wasn’t confident which was my last Vampire Knight book and I didn’t want to skip too much in the series, so I went back to Black Bird.
          Black Bird is an interesting manga which involves a girl who is being pursued by demons for various reasons (either as a mate or for her blood). Miaso is starting to fall for Kyo but she is also concerned that he actually loves her or and the fact he’s a boy who can be a bit too sexual for her liking.  Miaso then gets to meet a girl just like her (who can see ghosts and is dating a demon as well) and Tadanobu. This meeting brings her regret since she knows that Kyo must fight his best friend Tadanobu because of her.
          Black Bird reminded med how much I miss my subscription to Shojo Beat. That was my favorite magazine of all time.  It had serialized manga including Black Bird and Vampire Knight, crafts, cooking ideas, and travel locations. It was such a neat magazine.
          One of the things I liked about this addition of Black Bird is how I get to learn about Japanese culture. This time it was more from the author’s notes in the side columns. There she was saying how she drew character names from Kabuki plays and how even the plays the wolves were wolves.  

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