Thursday, September 15, 2011

Product 40: Sealark Soap Lift

The best inventions are the simple ones. The Sealark Soap Lift is genius. It’s just so simple. It’s a meshy piece of plastic that catches the gunk from soap (so it’s not on the counter or on the soap) and it keeps the soap in place without damaging the soap. It’s also cleanable in the shower. Add in the fact it sells for $5, what more can you ask for?

I love my cranberry soap lift. It gives that little pop of color to my apartment bathroom. I’m in love with black and white. That theme is throughout my apartment ye it’s nice to have a simple accent piece that goes with the black and white while breaking out of it. It helps my two little whitish soap bars stand out from the white tile. It’s just a little thing that doesn’t take up too much space.

I was just surprised how much stuff it caught on the first couple uses. I never really thought about how much gunk was falling off the soap. My bars don’t tend to melt. They definitely get wet when I use them so it makes sense that there are drippings that I don’t always notice. It’s just nice it’s not on my bathtub anymore.

It’s nice that the soap lift can actually hold two bars of soap. Granted I’m using two small bars of soap of right now. But it’s nice that I can keep both of those soaps in great condition. I really don’t want my soaps to just go to waste especially since I love both of them. This soap lift seems to be making a noticeable difference in just keeping both bars in good shape.

But I’m a huge fan of the soap lifts. It’s a great little gift idea especially if you pair it with an awesome soap. I was recommending it to customers as a cheap gift option that is just really nice. Then after using it, I was glad I was offering it as a gift idea.

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