Friday, September 30, 2011

Product 42: Sony eReader PRS 300

So after years of prodding and about six months of thinking about it, I finally got an eReader. It’s a Sony eReader PRS-300. It’s an amazing device and a maddening one all at the same time.

It’s no surprise that friends and co-workers would recommend that I get a Kindle from the time they came out. What could be more perfect? It’s both a tech toy and a book all in one. Yet I was hesitant. I love books. The feel of turning the page and I don’t always like to read chronologically. Plus lately I like to share books. All those things are not easily embodied in an eReader at least until recently. Now the Nooks will allow friends to pass books to each other. Then there was an interesting idea posed by two of my friends in Philly, using an eReader more as a supplement to reading and just something easy to travel with while commuting. I will be honest; this was actually a loan that turned permanent when a friend upgraded devices. It was an unexpected turn of events that I’m grateful for.

The eReader has roughly 250 books loaded on it. It can be filled with more too. Now I have yet to actually load up the reader myself yet. My friend did that for me. Put on a ton of Star Trek books and a couple other ones. So this is a huge positive. I can have a pick of books while I’m traveling while only carrying one device.

Another huge plus was the fact, it has a good battery life. I’ve only had to plug it into a computer to recharge it twice in the three books I’ve read on the device.

The light to it is ineffective in low light. That’s from a person who enjoys low light and doesn’t always use crazy amount of light. I have yet to use the light in high light situations. It’s just not needed for me.

At times, the eReader drives me completely nuts. The formatting can get seriously messed up and I can’t make heads or tails of how the page numbers are created. It can be random at times. Sometimes there is white space for no reason but more often then not, there is no white space (which is definitely necessary in order for clarity). Plus it doesn’t handle no-standard letters well. So when reading Star Trek stuff, things are getting messed up. Photos are also not handled well on the device. A minor complaint when it comes to the covers but a major complaint when you can’t get the photos that are referenced.

I have yet to be sold on the eReader completely. It’s nice to have things in one spot. But such a pain when things are formatted right.

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