Monday, September 5, 2011

Product 39: Spongables Body Bar in Pink Grapefruit

Spongeables Pink Grapefruit 8+, 2-Ounce (Pack of 3)

Spongeables are one those great quick fix bath and body products. It’s a pre-loaded sponge with pink grapefruit shower gel that is also part-buffer and part-exfoliator. It’s something that really gets at the skin to give it a clean feel. It also lasts longer then the advertised amount of washes.

Spongeables is another product at Schiller’s that I’ve wanted to try. It’s not an expensive product. Only $5 for the 8+wash sponge. Since it’s a product that we keep in year round, I never felt the urgency that I had to buy it today.

The first shower was surprising. I wasn’t expecting the sponge to be exfoliating that it could almost be described as scratchy. But I felt clean afterwards and I did enjoy the light hint of the pink grapefruit aroma. It was subtle so I never interacted with the perfumes I would apply after my shower.

As the week went on, the sponge continued to soften up while still giving you that feel of exfoliating features. The sponge continue to feel good and suds up was for a little over two weeks. That’s was twice the amount of showers as the sponge advertised. Then when the sponge stopped creating suds, I just tossed it out. That’s easy clean up although I could probably have put new shower gel on that used the sponge as it continued to break down more and more.

This was a fabulous product for a quick gift idea that is really nice and unique. It was just fun.

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