Friday, September 30, 2011

Product 43: Pre de Provence Grapefruit soap

Pre de Provence makes a wonderful bar soap full of scent and cleaning power. I’m in love with the grapefruit scent and the fresh lather it creates.

As I said in a previous post, I love gifting this bar soap. For the longest time, I held off on treating myself. But when Schillers got in the latest shipment, I had to treat myself. The tiny bar of grapefruit soap was just too much to resist.

The aroma is what draws you in to Pre de Provence soaps. There are so many awesome scents. It’s sometimes hard to pick just one that you like. For soaps, I’m drawn to citrus flavors or the vanilla woods. The scent lasts on the bar for the long time and just picks you up.

I also like the soap a lot. It cleanses well and leaves your skin nice and soft. But that’s the benefit of shea butter. It’s something that is just amazing without being too heavy.

Defianately will continue to gift this soap out to my friends. When it’s both refreshing and good at cleansing, why wouldn’t I continue to give out a great gift?

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