Friday, May 6, 2011

Book 34: Dark and Stormy Knights

Dark and Stormy Knights edited by P. N. Elrod was a decent short story collection that takes a look at the different knights who pop up in urban vampire/werewolf/occult books. Some of the stories are amazing while others are okay.

This time around, I didn't try to have any preconcieved notions about which stories I would like best. Even though, I was looking forward to reading the Carrie Vaughn story.

In the end, I liked the Carrie Vaughn story probably best. I liked it since I knew Cormac from her Kitty books but it gave so much more depth to his character. You could see how he thought rather then through Kitty's eyes.

The philosopher in me really loved 'Even A Rabbit Will Bite' by Rachel Caine. This story is about an old dragon slayer teaching a young dragon slayer the tricks of the trade. I can't say too much about the story since it will spoil the ending. But it has a really good debate about war and understanding the causes of war.

There was a Jim Butcher story that was kinda related to the Dresden files. I've heard both good and bad things about Dresden so I was glad to read a tale for myself. I find myself agreeing with the pharmacist I work with, it could be good but there is something that I can't fully get into. But I'm glad that I read the story.

This collection is different from the other collections I've read lately. It didn't arrange things in according to content. Instead it was arranged by the author's aphabetically. That meant stories didn't always blend well together since a fairy story would be next to a dragon slayer to a vampire story to another monster slayer. While it seemed to be equal to the writer's talents, for the reader, I think I would have liked the grouping to be a little better like the other collections that I read.

So in the end, this is a good book to read. There are some stories that were only okay while others were amazing.

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