Sunday, May 22, 2011

Product 23: Claus Portos Japanese Mimosa Soap

Claus Portos Japanese Mimosa Soap is a heavy soap made in Portugal that is divinely scented. Around Christmas time, Schillers got in two new scents in a smaller size than the usual Claus Portos Soap. These scents include Almond Milk and Japanese Milk. I love both a lot but I will have to say the Mimosa the best.

The Clause Portos Soap has one major flaw: the price. The price was $11.95 for about a 5.5 oz bar. It’s not a huge bar of soap. So things didn’t sell as quickly as it was hoped despite the product being a great product, and we opened up two bars so people could try them out and sniff them easier. As they continued not to sell quickly, we moved the things to the sale rack (which means it’s 50% off). Now there are a couple bars that will be going into the Sidewalk Sale in the summer. I was lucky enough to take home the testers since we can’t sell open soap and I was a happy camper.

I fell in love with this soap immediately. It feels so great on the skin and it the smell. This soap just lathers up well and the bar fits well into my hand. I just loved the way I felt afterwards too. No dry feeling and I felt clean too. Plus I could smell that hint of Japanese Mimosa on my skin for quite a while.

I’m not kidding about how the scent is strong. After using the soap for the first time, my bathroom had that nice smell of Japanese Mimosa when I came home from work 8 hours later. So that was completely unexpected but welcomed. It made the bathroom just feel nice.

I would recommend this soap to people. It’s absolutely lovely especially if you can get them at the Sidewalk Sale.

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