Monday, May 23, 2011

Book 39: The Gathering

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong is the fourth novel in the Darkest Power Series (the books I read earlier this years by her). She takes the series in a whole new direction. But this whole new direction actually is really strong and the book can really stand on it’s own while still fitting in with the series as a whole.

As I mentioned, The Gathering isn’t like the other Darkest Power books. It only features one of the characters from the first three books: The St. Clouds. Since they were a minor character (if you can call a corporation/cabal a character) n the first books, you can almost forget the books are related. That is until Maya finds out about Project Genesis. That’s the main thread tying the two together since the book to the Buffalo side of the experiment. This book is even set on a real small corporate town on Vancouver Island not in New York state.

I will have to say, I really liked the set up in this book. Maya is a the typical teen dealing with growing up and starts to uncover what an old lady meant by calling her naaldlooshi.. It’ was really neat to see her start to uncover and try to figure out more about herself and be pre-werecougar (at least in essence. But they use the Navajo/Hopi term skin-walker if it’s not the Navajo word naadlooshi).

I really like Maya’s character. I found her completely relatable. Someone who knew what she was doing in most situations but also had doubts that crept in too. I loved her thought progression throughout the book. It was just so believable and relatable too. It was as if Kelley Armstrong took my thoughts and planted into her character.

I think I like this book best in the series thus far. I am definitely interested in seeing if my guesses are right about Daniel and Maya's relationship. Plus I will be interested in seeing how the evacuation will affect everyone and the onset of the change for the kids. So much more to come too bad it's like the Carrie Vaughn books (I have to wait until they are published before getting more).

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