Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book 46: Alice in the Country of Hearts Vol 2

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 2

So I am continuing to treat myself by reading manga. But that’s the fun of taking a little bit of time for yourself, you can indulge in something you don’t always get to do. The latest manga was volume 2 to the Alice in the Country of Hearts series by Quinrose and art by Soumei Hoshino. It’s a quirky take on the idea from Alice in Wonderland but puts a whole new spin on the classic tale.

Normally, I would have loved the fact that this book didn’t have a summary page in the start of each chapter. But since it’s been roughly a year since I read the first volume, So I forgot all the names and the various actions. Fortunately, I was able to keep up pretty easily since all the characters have an equivalent to the regular Alice in Wonderland story. Although confusing Boris for being one of the tweedle brothers for the Cheshire Cat-really should have taken a closer look, if I had the ears would have given it away.

I enjoy the Alice in the Country of Hearts a lot. It’s quirky. It’s not like the shojo manga that I typically read. While it involves love, it’s not terribly romantic. In fact most of the overtures to love are akin to a drunk guy getting grabby with a girl who is not interested in the least. Some of the asides by Alice is just classic and great since I can relate.

One of my favorite bits was when there was a discussion by Blood Dupree (the Mad Hatter), Elliot (March Hare) and others at the midnight tea party on weather Elliot was a rabbit. Elliot wasn’t having the rabbit label attached to him despite the ears and his love for all things carrots (other then plain carrots which is what rabbits eat). I had to laugh in the whole debate. Then when that debate went the next step farther by having Elliot and Peter (the White Rabbit) discuss whether Elliot is a rabbit in a middle of a fight over Alice.

The one thing that shocks me and Alice throughout the story is the readiness for people to go get into violent situations. You start to learn how easily people are replaced. So you can understand that if you don’t fear death since you can be repaired (even if it’s not as you but as someone else but using the same clock).

But I still enjoyed Alice in the Country of Hearts. I wonder how this Alice will make it back to her world. And if she doesn’t if she will stay at Julius’ or go to one of the other factions (the amusement park, the mad Hatter mafia or the castle). I’m already getting a little bit of inspiration on how to enrich an Alice character that I write.

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