Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Product 29: X2

Recently, I upgraded my beloved cellphone. I went from the Samsung Juke to the Motorala X2 powered by Droid. So this is a major upgrade. Up until this week I was loving the switch. The apps and the capabilities to the phone are amazing. Now I wish the latest update to the My Verizon app didn’t bring up an error message every time I unlock my phone and I could actually use the My Verizon app again.

The switch from the Juke to the X2 was a wee bit extreme. My Juke is a tiny phone (so tiny it can fit into the lipstick slot in my clutch purse) that opens up switchblade style. The X2 is huge in comparison. Plus I can’t just flip it open. Instead, it’s just a flat screen which I would have to hit a button and then unlock the phone. The size of the phone has been the biggest adjustment. I can’t just speed dial as easily as before but the contacts interface is easy enough.

The one thing I dislike is how the phone decided to sync up with my Facebook Account. While it’s nice to have everyone’s phone number, it’s not fun to have tons of duplicate contacts now. So I should get rid of the duplicates but I’m lazy. I just scroll to the old listings or go to favorites to dial out.

I love the app store. It’s so much fun. It’s not kidding to say the options are limitless. My phone can act like a tricorder, be a Kindle, be the source of a half dozen crossword puzzles, or just surf the web. It’s nice to have this many options. Most the apps work really well. Note the word most. Right now I’m having a huge glitch with the My Verizon app but from the looks of it, I’m not the only one. The newest upgrade basically just broke stuff for everyone and we just want the new upgrade to fix stuff.

Plus the camera on the phone is a great. I was able to take some nice quality photos from quite a distance at a recent Star Trek Con. But now days the cell phone cameras are so powerful, it’s not surprising.

The battery life to the phone seems to be pretty good. I do have to be religious about charging if I plan to do a lot of things with the phone compared to the Juke. I had an incident where I ran out of juice the day I really needed the phone to be on since I didn’t realized how quickly it would be zapped after it said it had 15% of life left. But at the same time, when I traveled cross country, I could play with the several of the apps a lot. Do a few crossword puzzles and the battery held up. So much so that the girl sitting next me made a comment how the battery life rocked. The more I play with the phone, the better I can judge the battery life. I know to bring the cord with me if I’m going away if I’m going to use the phone for entertainment.

Right now I’m not missing the Juke much. Which is saying a lot since I loved the Juke. Instead I’m happy to have a new phone. The X2 is ton of fun to play with.

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