Saturday, June 11, 2011

Product 27: L'Occutaine Brightening Foaming Cleanser

L’Occutaine is one of my new favorite treat stores. It’s got great products and people who work there. We have this great relationship where we will send customers to the other end of the street if our respective stores don’t carry a particular product. So I’m glad in my arsenal of products I’m trying, I have a few L’Occutaine ones to feature. I’m really enjoying this Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam.

As many stores do, L’Occutaine has a VIP/membership club. It actually is really nice since it can keep track of your purchases and they have a really nice introduction offer. I know it can seem weird to keep track of purchases but it can help when your family members want to give you something you like but unsure of what scent or product. So I thought that was a really cool feature. But I LOVED The introduction offer. With your first purchase after the club, they give you the “Passport to Provence” gift. This gift is insanely nice. It’s got a bar of the verbena soap, the Foamy Cleanser, a Sweet Almond Bath Oil, and a bottle of shampoo. All of this was free when I got a serum that I fell in love with after it helped my sunburnt skin heal super quick (I will explain more about the serum soon in another blog entry-I’m still testing that and i will be honest, I am hoping for a partial test since I really don’t want that many sunburns). If all stores gave out offers like this, it would be much easier to just sign up for the clubs at the register.

So I figured an easy thing to try out would be the cleanser. I always like to have something fresh to put on my skin after work. Plus I liked the size of the bottle.

First instant was to say the product is really nice. I’m partial to foamy cleansers. It’s just makes for fun when you can push a button and you have the perfect size of cleanser ready to go. Then I put it on my skin and it just felt so nice. It wasn’t to light or too heavy.

After using the cleanser for two weeks now, I can say I really like it. It’s right up in my favorite product list as the Derma E Vitamin A glycolic cleanser and the Swedish facial soap. In face I actually use it a little more then the Derma E one since it’s a foam. I love how I don’t have to create lather-those few seconds can add up and I’m lazy. One of the things I was surprised by it helped my pores a lot. Since I’m so prone to acne, I do have some large pores that I’m not always happy by. So it’s great to see this cleanser has actually helped to minimize the pores. Plus it just feels good on the skin.

I will highly recommend the L’Occutaine Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam. It’s just simply a good product.

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