Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book 47: Alice in the Country of Hearts Vol. 3

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 3

Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 3 was another fun read. But I will have to say I really enjoyed the continuation.

So far out of the three volumes, I liked this one and the first one the best. The Second one was just slower in action although it had better moments. If that makes sense. If that doesn’t, basically there is more set up on the world and bigger events to come that drive the plot while volume 2 got the character development in better since it was slower in plot driving action.

But I will have to say, I do enjoy seeing the softer side to Vivaldi (the Queen of Hearts) and the Mad Hatter. I love the touch that Vivaldi has a collection of cute teddy bears.

The thing I really liked was how Peter (the White Rabbit) was taken back to the original cute rabbit that Alice followed rather then the human rabbit form that he usually takes. While I don’t like how easily Alice falls for the cuteness of the rabbit form (which is indeed cuter and less creepy then the human form, it’s still the same weird guy but in a cuter form), it’s just nice to see it all link up.

So I’m still interested in seeing what happens next. Alice is adapting fairly well which doesn’t seem like a good thing. I need to know what happens next. But I fear that it will be a while before I actually see what happens next, since I know as of right now if I do get new manga (which is such a treat style book for me to purchase) I would rather get Vampire Knight or Black Bird over the Alice in the Country of Hearts series when given the option.

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