Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book 50: Grave Secret

Grave Secret (A Harper Connelly Mystery)
Charlaine Harris’ Grave Secret was the last book I read in the entirety on my vacation. Although it wasn’t the last book of my vacation (that will be the next book), it was a fair enough distraction. Grave Secret was a good distraction for a plane ride but it wasn’t my favorite book that I’ve read lately.

Grave Secret is about Harper Connelly (a medium who can see ghosts and know exactly how they died). It was about midway through the series although it was my first read at it. Fortunately Miss Harris is excellent at giving details that will fill you in on the past books, so I was never lost in the format of the series.

One the reasons I wasn’t in love with the book is the fact I never fully connected with Harper. I wanted to. But she was just so indifferent to things. I get that she’s had a tough life. But she at times she seemed to be removed from her love with her stepbrother. Which seems crazy that you would be so indifferent to a lover after he got shot and while you are explaining that the complicated nature of the relationship. I wanted to like Harper. Her talent seemed rather neat.

Plus I found myself missing things. I just couldn’t see the correlation between the two cases/interests of Harper. Literally I would read something then realize that I missed something important. So I would flip back and realize it was something minor but led to big changes of opinion. In a way it remind of a Grecian dress, complex but if you pull the wrong the whole thing will be ruined In an instant.

I know this sounds like I hated the book. And I didn’t. It’s just lacked the things that would gave it a bit more beef. Instead it was just a fluff book to read on a plane.

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