Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book 55: Minion

Minion by L.A. Banks was one of the biggest disappointments that I’ve read in a while. I really wanted to like it but there were just too many flaws for me to truly enjoy it.  

I’ve read a few stories by L.A. Banks and tend to enjoy her work quite a bit. I love the use of strong feminine roles. It’s one of the major reasons I love the paranormal and science fiction genres. It gives me positive role models to aspire to. So I was expected to see more of the same.

I hated the use of Ebonics. I typically do. I think it makes a person sound so unintelligent. Especially when about half the time, they prove they can speak very intelligently. So when they start talking so street, I get pulled out of the narrative every time. For a good portion of the book I’m fighting to stay inside the narrative.

At times I felt like that the book has schizophrenia. It was just simply all over the map. At least the fact they were a band, could be explain why they were traveling the US. But the rest of book was a little too much. It really needed to be tightened up. Either focus on reaching vampire killer puberty, the demon vampire hybrids, or the vampire hierarchy structure.  Doing all three was a little too much.

But the biggest let down was how I couldn’t connect with the characters. They were just not doing it for me.

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