Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book 56: Kitty Steals The Show

Kitty Steals the Show was the book I’ve been waiting for all summer.  This book didn’t disappoint either. It was enjoyable and breezy and sets up a major conspiracy.

The Kitty Norville books have been my favorite werewolf series for a long time. Kitty has been a great series and each book release has been highly anticipated. Especially since the book releases are now being spaced out to one a year. Which I will say honestly is a good thing for the series. It’s allowing for better storytelling and less phoning it in. But it kills the fan girl in me since I have to wait a year instead of six months. On the plus side, she’s having more books published throughout the year.

Kitty Steals the Show brings the series to a great crossroads and brings back old favorites while introducing a new character that I would love to see more. The long game is approaching right when the world is at a crossroads of ideologies of those who accept paranormal species and those who do not.

I enjoyed the balance of the book. It had a lot going on and could have easily fallen apart or seem schizophrenic like my last book. Instead it was tightly honed. The biggest problem was the Kitty never seemed to be exhausted from her escapades with the vampires/werewolves and the conference until the last day.  But she had enough adrenaline going through her, it made it easy to keep going.

It was great to see Luis again. He was a fun character. It’s been several books since we last seen the were-jaguar.  It was great to see the way he played with Kitty and she would blush at the thought of them hooking up again even though she was now married.  That was nice character revisit.  Just made it more lifelike.

There was the all necessary pun of an American Werewolf in London. Which made me giggle, especially when the werewolf herself groaned at the pun on her radio show.

Biggest downside, at times I wasn’t fully enthralled with the book. I could pull out of it from time to time. It wasn’t like the first couple books where I pulled all nighters to finish up the book since I couldn’t put it down.

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