Saturday, August 18, 2012

Book 60: Unseen

Unseen by Rachel Caine was enjoyable but at the same time very unfulfilling. Quite simply I wanted it more.  That doesn’t mean the book was dull or poorly written.

Unseen is the third book in the Outcast series and this book does a fair amount of set up for the Weather Wardens books.  I knew Luis and Cassiel from Total Eclipse (the final book in the Weather Wardens series). So it was nice to see a book where they are the main characters.

Luis and Cassiel are ordered to bring Ibby (Isabel) to a school for the children who escaped from the Church/Pearl.  At first they were a bit resistant but then after a trip to an exotic pet store, Ibby realizes it would be good for her to go the school.  Once they arrive at the school, Cassiel and Luis learn that they have to fight Pearl head on to really save the children. Cass decides to leave the school to take on Pearl by herself and that means trying to infiltrate the Church.  On her way to meet up with the church, she realizes that there is a traitor at the school yet she can only warn Luis of the danger.

Cass (Cassiel) is a great character. She’s slightly alien in the fact that she’s a former djinn who is living life as a mortal. She still has access to magic but she does have to rely on Luis to help feed power to her.  Plus this book shows her motherly side. She is highly protective of Ibby (Luis’ niece) and does a great job of trying to do what she thinks the right thing is. Even if that brought up differences between her and Luis.

The book did leave me filling unfilled. The action was mostly wrapped up but at the same time it had a major cliff hanger.  There is a good chance, I will revisit Total Eclipse and man do I want to get my hands on the next Outcast book so I can see what happens next.

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