Friday, August 17, 2012

Book 59: Poor Little Bitch Girl

Poor Little B itch Girl by Jackie Collins was a great distraction while I rode the train to work. Its just a light book that was fluffy like cotton-candy and yet really enjoyable like a reality TV show.

I grabbed this book off my bookshelf since it seemed like it would be fun read.  That was exactly what I wanted it to be.  This is one of my first books by Jackie Collins. I will have to say there is a reason she hasnt been out of print. She hits a lot of readers sweet tooth.

Poor Little Bitch Girl in a way combines several of my favorite TV shows into a fun book. It has the personality of Veronica Mars, Diary of a Call Girl, Sex and the City, and any of the Real Housewives shows.  The book has a couple different story lines going on. Annabelle Maestro is a New York madam who just got outted and she just learned her super-star mother has been shot to death. If one disaster wasnt enough for her, she gets to deal with two and drive everyone nuts around her. Then there is Denver Jones a lawyer hired to defend Annabelles father which quickly devolves into an assistant position where she has to fetch Annabelle. Carolyn Henderson has  exciting news to tell her best friend Denver but before she can tell Denver the news, she is kidnapped. To finish it out, there is Bobby Santangelo Stanislopoulos. Hes super rich, friends with Annabelles boyfriend and stands a chance to get the club of his dream.

Each chapter would focus on person and would usually give the chapter from their perspective.  I found myself liking Bobby and Denver the most from a personal perspective. They were the most relate-able and likeable. Annabelle was the most interesting by far but she was hardly likeable. She was cold and needy. But its like your least favorite Real Housewife, Annabelle provides great entertainment. Carolyn was just sweet but naive, living in her own world. From time to time, I would question why she was in the book so much whenever one else was to together. Living a completely different life and was in DC while everyone else was more together in LA or New York. Fortunately things were tightened together at the end of the book.

Since this book was not a literary piece by any means, Im not going to talk about it in those terms.  Sure there are moments where the book can go snarky and more editorial. But this is a fun light read. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, its quite enjoyable.

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