Monday, August 27, 2012

Book 62: Pale Demon

Pale Demon was the latest book on my reading list.  I was kinda disappointed by it.

Since I had the next book in the Hallows series, I decided to continue on with the series. I almost decided to switch it up but decided I wanted to know what happened to Rachel. Did she finally get her pardon and have her shunning revoked or did she finally get herself more into trouble? Plus how were things going on with Pierce and Rachel?

So I got to find.  Of course things couldnt go smoothly for Rachel. People lied to her. Not to mention she had to take Trent to the west coast via car (since he was on an elven quest and she was banned from flying). Trent decided to unleash KuSox, a genetic demon that the demons were trying to keep locked up underneath the Arch to keep him from destroying the world, as a way to gain leverage over a situation. But unleashing a crazy demon never works out well.  Needless to say, even getting to the conference wasnt easy for Rachel and then for the coven to lie to her, things got even worse.

I will be honest, I felt like the book just gave up midway through. The oomph to the book wasnt there all the way through. Plus I hated how the Pierce/Rachel storyline was just dropped. That was a great plot line from the last book and then non-existent. Sure there was a minor snag when Rachel prevented Pierce from killing Al. But instead of discussing it, she dwelt on it and created more friction then really necessary.

Also in this book, I felt like Rachel was more like a teenager then adult. She was just filled with angst and quick mood changes. Yes, in the first book, she could fly off the handle quickly due to jumping to the wrong conclusion but in this one, she took it to a new level.  So many of her actions, I felt like it was a little contrived..

I enjoyed the book. It was still a lot of fun but compared to Black Magic Sanction. I was left underwhelmed.  

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