Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book 57: Star Trek Greater Than The Sum

Greater Than the Sum was a book that filled in so many holes in the Star Trek chronology for me.  It was a pretty good book.There was a couple problems but overall it was strong.

This book takes place just prior to the Destiny series.  This book really lays into the place the current Enterprise-E crew.  Picard is ordered into a nebula to prevent alien technology from falling into the Borgs hands. The Borg were starting to evolve their tactics where they were slightly more deadly than before since they were starting to anticipate peoples attacks. So the last thing the Federation wanted was for potential slip stream technology from the Borg.

Greater Than the Sum also brought back Hugh. It was a fun to see him return with his friends. This brought in the other theme to the book: making babies. The Liberated (Hughs resistance fighters) wanted to reproduce.

The book could be dry at sections but that does seem to be expected whenever reading a Christopher L. Bennett.  But he does a great job with the characters for the most part. Tyrs (TRyssa) always seemed to act way too immature for a Star Fleet Officer. But it was great seeing the relationship issues between Crusher and Picard. It was also good to see Geordi trying to interact with the crew. Although at times it seemed like the females on the ship were trying to take his friendship for flirtation a little too quickly.  Really liked seeing Guinan again. Her guidance was perfect. I never quite get enough of Guinan.

Overall, I liked this book. It was great to see the set up for Destiny. It really helped to explain some of the gaps with the Borg on why they went much more violent against the Federation in the next few books.

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