Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Three: Star Trek Destiny Gods of Night

Star Trek Destiny: Gods of Night by David Mack. This book was so good. I couldn’t wait to see where things went next. There was so much to the book.

One of the things I loved most about the book was the fact that they merged together the casts from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Next Generation and even a Voyager character here and there. It was fantastic and made the most sense. Plus you had an whole new ship to learn about the Columbus. They had such a rich depth to it although you had to make sure you understood what ship you are dealing with (since you had the old timeline with the Columbus crew, the more current timeline with the Aventine, the Titan and the Enterprise).

Then the book dealt with something I could never get enough of in the series the mix of exploration to search out old mysteries while at the brink of war and the link to the Borg. It was fantastically done to see the torture that Picard goes under where he isn’t himself when dealing with the borg after becoming Locutus. Yet you have other characters to help balance out his character when he’s not being up to par.

But one of the aspects that seemed to not answer any questions was the Caeliar. They had an interesting culture that was pacifist but yet they would let the Columbus crew stay as guests with restrictions: one of which was them never leaving the planet again. Plus I question the focus on them when it’s intertwined with the Borg attacks. It makes me wonder if the Caeliar is related to the Borg yet that’s something that will come in the later books I fear.

Great action through the all 427 pages. I was reading 50 pages in quick spurts. So that was excellent. It was like eating candy.

Only thing that had me upset was the way the book ended. I hate cliffhangers. I especially hate when the biggest tease of the story happens by making the two timelines meet and that’s it. I just ate up 100 pages in a half hour and then it ended. I said “grrr” and “uggh” so many times with the ending. I just wanted more. I knew that it would leave me with the desire for more but I was expecting somethings more tied up with the ending. Thank God I had the second book in my collection. If my friends are right, I need to go to Borders quick for Book Three since I’m already midway through book two.

Completed: January 14, 2011

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