Friday, January 21, 2011

Product 1: Thymes Agave Nectar Bodywash

This is one of my first treats of the new year from Schillers. I've been looking at it for months and debating it but kept deciding that I needed to wait until I used up my body wash supply. Let me tell you the body wash was worth the wait in the first bath alone. I just loved it.

I would recommend the body wash for both types of bathing: as a bubble bath and as a body wash. The scent is divine in my eyes; with a fresh citrus scent that can refresh a tried body without keeping you awake all night long. It suds up well in a bath sponge and creates some nice bubbles for a bath.

I will had to admit now I'm curious about the difference between the foaming bath and the body wash from Thymes. But part of me is thinking that there isn't much difference from the body wash. Maybe that will be another treat later on in the year.

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