Friday, January 21, 2011

Product 2: Thymes Body Lotion

I've been using samples of the Thymes body lotion of the agave nectar and the moonflower scents as a hand cream. Admittedly, my testing of this product is a bit faulty since a body lotion isn't as heavy as a hand cream so I'm not getting as much moisture as is possible.

What I like about these samples: the scents and the feeling to the cream. As I said in my last product blog, I love the fresh scent in the agave nectar. But I also love the scent profile of moonflower as well but it's completely different. The moonflower is more of an exotic scent with some night blooming jasmine in it. The scent actually stays on fairly well too. As I've been known to describe it at Schillers, it's a night time scent. I also love the non-greasy feeling.

Cons: It didn't provide as much moisture as I would like. But I'm sure the hand cream will provide more moisture but then it might be too greasy. I'm glad the lotion did provide enough moisture to prevent cracking in the winter but not much more.

It's definitely a lotion for when you skin is at healthy point or if you love a scented lotion.


  1. I had been given some Moonflower lotion from the Body Shop once, and it was so smelly I had to give it away! Not my kinda scent.

  2. Well not all scents work for all people. I do love anything with jasmine notes in it especially if it's night blooming. But I will say I'm not always a fan of the Body Shop scents. The Thymes ones has that better balance of something scented but not so smelly that you go eww..

    But Schillers has so many nice scents that I have now gotten more picky with scents. Not all scented candles or soaps are created equal.