Friday, January 14, 2011

The rules

But there will be a few rules as all good endeavors should. So here are my rules. Everything is started at the beginning of the month

For the books: it will be a hundred books goal just like the Philadelphia School District and the Boy Scouts push for as an annual goal and increase reading. After each book I read, I will write a brief review. Plus I will be tracking how many pages I read since all books are not created equal. These will be new books that I’ve read in the year. I will count books I’ve previously read if I’ve reread them as a whole since if I get a new book in a series, I will occasionally reread a series. Short-stories will only be counted if they are part of a collection that I read the whole thing of.

For the letters: I will show the stationery that I use and I will state the general purpose of the letter. That’s it. Photos of stationery will be more the way to count the letters and how my goal to stay in better contact with friends is working out.

For products: Now this is probably the biggest set of rules. Each thing will be tried for at least two weeks or more. That way I can get a real idea of how it works long-term. It’s easy to fall in love with a product for the first couple days and then the buildup starts or it just doesn’t work long-term. I’m going to put some things into a clumped together into one number- mainly scented lotions and the kind. That’s because more often then not the scent change but the overall formulation to the lotion doesn’t change. Now things like shampoos will be counted as different items since the formulations do change between the different types of shampoos.

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