Saturday, March 12, 2011

Product 15: Derma E Fragrance Free Body and Hand Moisture Theraphy

So for the first time in my blog, I found a product that I HATED. This wasn’t something that where there were things I disliked about a product yet liked it overall. I flat out hated it. So what is the product that I hate? It’s Derma-E Fragrance-Free Moisture Therapy Hand and Body Lotion.

So let me back up a little bit and start at the beginning. I was excited to see in the latest shipment of Derma-E that they changed up their sample packets-it included a couple new samples including my favorite Vitamin A and Gycloclic Cleanser and the hand lotion. I really wanted to sample both of these products but for different reasons. I wanted to try the hand lotion mainly because we don’t carry it. We have a limited shelf at Schillers so there is a lot of picking and choosing of products. The benefit of samples is that sometimes they can encourage us (Schillers) into carrying different pieces of a line. Plus I read in the Derma-E literature that they have an award winning lotion lines so I was curious what it was like.

I hated this Derma-E product first because of the scent. I should have known that it might have a scent since in bath and beauty products scent and fragrance are not the same thing. Fragrance is something that is added to a product (usually perfume or essential oils). If you have sensitive skin, you are looking for fragrance free products since perfume and oils can be irritating to the skin. Whereas scent will naturally exist and when you use natural products, you can’t always eliminate what a thing smells like. The product had strong aroma that I believe is from the Willow Bark since I do dislike that scent profile.

But then I put on the hand cream. It just felt awful. It wasn’t so much of a greasy feeling (although that was there) that I disliked, it was the gritty and dirty feeling that I hated most. For the first time ever, I washed my hands to rid myself of the hand lotion almost immediately after application. There have been hand lotions in the past that I dislike the feeling, but I never wanted to rid myself of the hand lotion immediately. So there was an extreme reaction to the lotion.

Thankfully I used a sample product. I learned for sure that I do not like the Fragrance Free Moisture Therapy hand and body lotion. It’s disappointing to find a product I dislike so much when so many of my favorite beauty products are from the same company. But that’s the benefit of a sample. Since Schillers doesn’t carry this particular product from Derma-E I don’t know the retail price off hand but guessing by the other things in their lines, that I’ve saved around $16 by trying before I’ve buy.

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