Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Product 17: Spuma di Sciampagna

Spuma di Sciampagna is one of the few true bubble baths at Schillers. It’s not a bath and shower gel. But made strictly for baths.

It has a nice light scent. It’s best describe as a light floral mixed with powdery scent that is stronger. The scent itself almost reads as being luxurious if luxury had a scent. Nothing is overwhelming which is nice.

So how are the bubbles? I think how the company markets it is correct: it’s a bath mousse. Not a true bubble bath with big foamy bubbles, instead it’s a layer of silky, small bubbles that just go around the bath. Plus it feels well. Plus the layer of bubbles were replenished by adding more water.

Spuma di Sciampagna is a fun Italian import. But I’m not sure I will be spending another $14.00 for a bottle. It’s a great treat but I can only use it in the tub. But when it comes to day to day use, I think I prefer a shower gel that I can use to create a bubble bath or to use my scrubby in the shower.

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