Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product 20: Klorane Dry Shampoo

One of my favorite things to use on my long days is dry shampoo. Now I don’t ever use dry shampoo to avoid a shower. It just doesn’t work. But I love dry shampoo as a quick fix to avoid the crazy oily hair that develops from working 8 hours a day and I still have another few hours of work. Thanks to Schillers, I was able to try out the Klorane dry shampoo with Oat Milk the non-aerosol can.

We don’t sell the non-aerosol can but we received a tester to try out. Since Patrice knows that I use the Shampowder (another dry shampoo that is in a brush applicator), she let me try out the Klorane dry shampoo. The canister is really cool. You open up the top and squeeze. Then you just brush it through. That’s it.

I like the Klorane shampoo. It really got things cleaned quick. It seemed to actually clean things rather then just absorb the oil. So that’s a perk.

Now I have to say this one I have to be careful. Klorane is a white powder. If you put too much in, it can give the hair a weird white powdery look that is just as bad as the oil slick. So it’s about balance. For my hair length a couple squeezes and then flip the hair (I don’t always have a hair brush in my purse so you MacGyver something). Sometimes it's nice how my Shampowder is a brown color (close to my natural color) versus how the Klorane is a white color.

Other downside compared to the Shampowder is the size of the bottle. It’s something that fits in only my Snow White Purse and the Bath and Body plaid purse I own (i.e. my big purses). So I have to plan ahead on if I’m taking the Klorane dry shampoo rather then just have it on me in any situation.

I like the Klorane dry shampoo. It’s a great quick fix on my long work days. It’s something that I am glad that I have it to use on days I work more then 8 hours.

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