Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Product 18: Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Baume

Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Baume is a sample that I enjoyed quite a bit. It’s a light weight styling product that I could use in a few different ways.

One of the most common ways I would use the baume was to help take the frizz out of my hair and make it manageable without doing anything else. While those days weren’t always the greatest hair days since I often just put the baume in the hair and didn’t take the time to fully style the hair. You still have to take the time to style. Plus I would notice how there was always the one kink in my hair that never seemed to go away when I used only the Drop Dead Baume.

But one of the things I really liked about the Drop Dead Straightening Baume was when I used it as a way to condition my hair and then style it proper way. My hair never felt dried out when I used my straightener iron nor did it frizz up when I put the baume in. So that was a major plus.

Philip B is one of the more expensive hair product lines at Schillers. We sell the Drop Dead Straightening Baume at $25. Like most botanically and essential oil based product, they are pricier. But they work really well too.

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