Saturday, March 12, 2011

Product 16: Tassi

So I raided the Schiller’s half off rack again. This time it was for a Tassi (which now is $7.50). I’ve been thinking about a Tassi off and on but never really gave it too much thought until recently.

So what is a Tassi? It’s basically a headband that will hold your hair in a very gentle way so you can wash your face or apply makeup without having stray hairs get into your face. It’s made out of microfiber towel that you can just tuck your hair into. It has a band that doesn’t leave creases in your in hair as a tighter elastics, headbands and barrettes tend to do.

I actually decided to try the Tassi in more then just washing my face setting. I didn’t bother to use it when applying make-up since I don’t apply foundation or blush so having loose hair doesn’t really bother me. One of the ways I wanted to try it first was to use it in my bath. I love to really hot bubble baths and to read for a while, unfortunately that also can allow some sweat to drip. Knowing the characteristics of microfiber, I had a feeling that it would do a great job of absorbing the sweat almost on contact. And in the end I was right. Another way, I ended up using it was after work or a long day. I recently got my hair cut short, so I can’t always pull it off my face after work in. It’s so easy to just pull it on and have a clear face for the rest of the evening.

I really enjoy my Tassi. It’s just a quick fix in the evening. I can use it in a variety of different ways. This will be one of the products that I will use around my house and maybe my closest girl friends. But it’s something that quickly worked its way into my one of my favorite products.

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