Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Product 19: Philip B Styling Gel

Philip B Styling Gel is another Philip B product. It’s another good product from the Philip B collection and one more likely to find its way into my daily hair routine.
So upon for a first few uses of the Philip B, I loved it. It has a great supple hold without being too firm. Only once in a while, I would have that crunchy feel to my hair that you get with too much sticky product. Plus I could finally get that kink out of my hair mentioned in the other Philip B testing.

It holds well in my hair for about 8 hours, after that, then the hold starts to wane and I get a strand of hair that separates out and insists upon being in my eye. But that’s when my hair gets oily and needs to get a dry shampoo treatment or a full wash. So I don’t fault the styling gel for not holding up to some high grease context. In fact, the Philip B styling gel does a better job than other styling gels that I’ve tried.

The Philip B styling gel is $20, so that’s a good chunk of money. I think for now the trial size of the product was perfect. It gave you that hold and feeling you want that will make you spend the money.

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